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What are the artists' requisites should they choose to perform?

The artists' standard fee structure which includes the Performance Fee, Flights (depending on the place and location), Ground Transportation, Hotel Accommodations, Sound, Lights, Backline Equipment, Staging, Power, and miscellaneous requirements as per the rider and of course a Stage and Venue to host the event.

What WeDoConcerts will do for you?

Once your choice of venue or event is conveyed to us, the Performance Fee is calculated. Upon receiving your approval with respect to the fee via a formal offer, we at WeDoConcerts will make all vital arrangements with the artist/band and a contract will be sent to you duly completed or signed with you. We will oversee all the bookings made as per the bands rider (see below for standard rider requirements) to ensure a pure musical entertainment which is engaging along with keeping an eye on the progress of the event by monitoring all aspects to pull out an unforgettable experience for you, the concertgoers as well as the artist. The required promotion and marketing plans will be discussed and taken care of. Moreover, we will supervise all of the necessary planning, implementation, and execution essential to guarantee a successful event. The role that WeDoConcerts plays in the planning and execution is conditional upon the client's desired involvement in the process.

So, how do you get started?

It is simple folks. All you have to do is fill out the Booking Form and we will get right back to you.

What are Rider requirements?

A list of necessities stipulated by the artist or management that are contingent upon booking. These requirements are attached to the contract for the performance to take place.

What is a Technical Rider?

A document describing in detail all the technical information of an artist or a band. The document outlines what equipment and conditions are required for them to do their show to the highest standard. This will normally include preferred Audio Equipment, an Input List, Monitor List, Lighting, Backline, Risers and Stage Plot. These vary depending on the artists and size and complexity of the event.

What is a Hospitality Rider?

The Hospitality Rider is a list of requests for the comfort during the artists' stay and on the day of the show. Requests like Ground and Air Transportation, Hotel Accommodations, Security, Specific Food and Beverage Provisions and Towels are common.